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Posted on December 17th, 2019

Aristocat Transportation Transfers Ownership After 33 Years of Business

Aristocat Transportation, one of the most respected and trusted corporate transportation services in Metro Detroit, Michigan, has transferred ownership after 33 years of business. Founded in 1987 by Sue Jarvis-Zobel, she has passed the torch to Harvin Kumar and his wife Indu Kumar. 

Harvin and Indu Kumar decided to purchase the company as an investment in their children’s future. Both from India, they came to the U.S. with barely a penny to their name and through hard work they have achieved success and are a true example of the “American Dream”. Both now US Citizens, they enter this venture as business partners, with Indu being the majority stock owner, maintaining Aristocat’s status as a woman-owned business. 

Why Aristocat? What do the new owners bring to the table? Harvin, also known as “Happy”, began working for Aristocat three years ago as a chauffeur. During his time at the company he saw an incredible team and infrastructure, and when the previous owner expressed the desire to sell her stock in the business, he and his wife saw it as a great opportunity to step up.

Happy’s journey to this point is an inspirational one. He was born in India and began his time in the U.S. in 1994 working in a restaurant in New York City. With no money, and no knowledge of the English language, a year later Happy decided to search for new opportunities in Detroit, MI on the suggestion of a friend. 

After arriving in Michigan Happy quickly found work as a taxi driver at the Metro Detroit Airport, which was his first entrance into the transportation industry. It allowed him to learn the rules of the road while also practicing his English with riders. He continued to drive taxis for the following five years.

Fueled by the same entrepreneurial spirit that led him to Aristocat, Happy decided to start his own venture and founded RS Limousine in 2000. He did not find luck with his timing though, and after the attacks of September 11, 2001 air travel suffered, and so did his business. In 2002 he had to close the business and found himself back on the road, but this time driving trucks across the country. His extensive transportation experience and the consistent nature of the business kept him in that position for more than a decade.

Missing the personal touch and human connection, he decided to explore returning to chauffeured transportation. While searching for opportunities, Happy found an opening at Aristocat and started working as a chauffeur in September 2016.

As a previous business owner, chauffeur and truck driver, Happy understands the level of service expected by clients. He also understands the needs and lives of his drivers. He will focus on both sides of the service going forward, allowing him to provide flawless execution and a personalized touch.

Indu compliments the operational experience Happy brings, and will be adding value in the office working to provide excellent customer service. They are both focused on working with the Aristocat Team to bring the company to the next level.

Aristocat Transportation will continue to be a global force, providing corporate airport transfers and private car service for clients worldwide. Happy and Indu look forward to getting to know their clients and growing the family business.

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About Aristocat Transportation

In our 3rd decade of business, Aristocat is a team of industry specialists offering complete ground transportation solutions for any group size worldwide.  Headquartered in Metro Detroit, we offer on site group coordination, streamlined central billing and personalized itinerary management. 

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