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10 Things Your Wedding May be Missing Out On

There are so many elements that go into planning a wedding from inviting the guests down to picking out the menu. With all of the different elements and ideas circulating some details and potential add-ons can get overlooked. Some could be adding on another vendor to enhance your wedding experience. Others could be DIY projects to add to your décor or help out your guests. Here are is our top 10 extras you may have want to consider incorporating into your wedding.

Wedding Extras to Consider

  • Late Night Snack: A late night snack may be just what your guests are craving after hitting the dance floor for a couple of hours. This add-on can be discussed with your wedding caterer and is typically served during dancing around 10:30 pm or so. Popular options include sliders, coney dogs, French fries, mini grilled cheeses, pulled pork and other greasy goodness.
  • Videographer: Hiring a videographer can totally transform how you remember your wedding. While your photographer can capture stunning shots and create beautiful still-life memories, a videographer can bring it to life. They can capture the bride walking down the aisle, tearful toasts and other spontaneous moments. The videographer will then edit and transform the footage to reflect the couple’s personality. Some videographers even offer a shorter same day edit packages to show to your guests during the reception as well.
  • Chargers: A charger is a large decorative plate that is placed at each guest’s seat. Sometimes there will only be a menu and napkin on top while other times a salad and dinner plates will be pre-set as well. Chargers can enhance your table design and help to create a full look. There are so many different style and price options that brides and grooms can match their wedding style.
  • Valet Service: A valet service can be a huge benefit for your wedding guests that they will definitely appreciate. Sometimes the hike to and from the parking lot can be a little far for some of your guests. A valet is a huge advantage if the parking lot is not right next to the reception venue or if there is bad weather. Your guests will thank you after a long night of dancing. This can sometimes be arranged with your reception venue or you can hire a separate valet company. It is proper etiquette to have this stay a complimentary service for your guests and they can tip accordingly. Make sure to let the valet company know approximately how many guest cars will need the service, so that they can be properly staffed.
  • Guests Itineraries: Creating a weekend itinerary for your guests is a great way to get important information passed on, so that the bride and groom are not bothered with a lot of questions. The itinerary can be passed out by hotel representatives or pre-placed in welcome bags at the hotels. Usually the guest itinerary includes information on the rehearsal dinner, welcome drinks, shutting, valet, Sunday brunch, etc. The details would contain the times, dates, addresses and maybe even a map of where the important addresses are located.
  • Pre-wedding Spa Treatment: Sometimes wedding planning can be a little stressful. It is important to take time out to relax and take care of yourself as well. Schedule yourself an appointment for a massage, pedicure or manicure to take a break.
  • Wedding Signs: Wedding signs are a great DIY project for your wedding. This can include a general welcome sign, arrows to important locations, bar signs, menu and more. The wedding signs are great for helping to direct your wedding guests, especially if your guests have never been there before.
  • Amenity Baskets: Amenity baskets are a collection of gender appropriate items to put in the restrooms at your reception. The baskets could contain body lotion, Advil, Tums, cologne, shoe laces, stain remover wipes and more. These baskets are not designed to be freebies, but for guests to use what they need then put it back.
  • Instagram Hashtag: Want to see more of your guest’s photos from your wedding? Create an Instagram hashtag for your wedding, i.e. frawleystratton2013. Then create cute signs with the hashtag to put around your reception hall to remind your guests and see all of their photos in one spot.
  • Dessert Table: Having options other than cake can make dessert more of an experience rather than just another course. A dessert or candy table can contain numerous smaller options for your guests to try. The items and colors even be coordinated with the wedding colors and themed

Posted on November 6th, 2013 in Weddings.

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