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5 Celebrity Limo Mishaps to Avoid

The spotlight, money, fame, clothes all come with a price sometimes for celebrities, especially with cameras watching their every move. The cameras are there when they are at premieres, out on a walk, getting groceries and getting in and out of their limousines. The pictures that the public normally sees are the ones showcasing the celebrity’s mistakes. This article will highlight what celebrity etiquette mistakes not to make when using a limo.

1: The Presidential Mishap

This example is not at the fault of President Obama, but of the limousine company. When choosing a limousine company, make sure that you do some background research before booking. A reputable and reliable limousine company will be professional and run like a well-oiled machine. Or unfortunately for President Obama, the limo breaks down while he is in Israel, because there was diesel in the tank. Thankfully, Team Obama had a back up limo so everything was okay. Even if you are dealing with a superb limousine company, always double check what their back up plan is, just in case something happens.

2: The Booze Hound

Using a chauffeured transportation service is a great way to safely transport your friends to and from the party. Most limousine companies also let you bring drinks in the limo as long as everyone is of age. Keep it classy and respect the laws, even if you are a certain underage A-lister. If underage drinking is even suspected the transportation could stop immediately. Also, most companies charge a clean up fee for any “vom-bombs,” so keep it in check during your ride.

3: The Britney

Although, she is most known for this incident happening, she is definitely not the only one. These unlady-like limo exits can be avoided with a few extra steps. Number one, it’s called underwear. To avoid having these unflattering photos taken, simply glue your legs together twist your body and step out of the car sideways. This way you are not facing everyone when getting out of the limo.

4: The Tumbler

There is a long line of celebrities who have not had graceful limo exits. Most of the time they stumble or trip over clothing, but it could become twisted into rumors, such as they were drunk. To avoid any tumbling mishaps, access the situation. If you know you will need assistance getting in and out of the limo, let your chauffeur know so they can be ready to help you. Having another person to help steady you out of the limo, will give a more graceful appearance, rather than falling out. When getting out on your own, take it nice and slow. If you are wearing a longer dress, gather the end so that you are able to swing your feet out of the door. Firmly place both feet on the ground and then start to get out. Remember you can always use the door to help you out as well.

5: The Bill Avoider

Some stars seem to be above paying the fees that come with having a limousine at their constant beck and call. One star even had a lawsuit filed against them for over $90,000.00 for unpaid limousine services. They eventually paid up, but if you are going to have the service, it is definitely proper etiquette to pay for it. A respectful and reliable client helps to make it enjoyable for limousine companies to provide their services.

So wrapping up, remember to use reputable limousine companies, keep it classy getting out of cars and pay your bills. Especially for formal events such as corporate parties, premieres, proms and weddings it is important to have a safe exit from the vehicle, because there may be cameras ready to capture you’re every move.

Posted on March 27th, 2013 in Useful Tips.

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