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Aristocat Transportation Merges with All Class Transportation

As of April 1, 2011, All Class Transportation has merged with Aristocat Transportation. President Paul Pickell of All Class and President Sue Jarvis of Aristocat Transportation have been working to make an easy transition for everyone involved. The new merger will introduce many services, vehicles, and resources to the public.

A Message from Paul Pickell, President of All Class Transportation

We are excited about this new merger between All Class and Aristocat. As president of All Class Transportation, I have worked with Sue Jarvis, president of Aristocat Transportation for over 10 years. Between our companies, we have 35 years of experience.

When I decided to merge my company, Aristocat was my first choice. By joining forces, this will bring our clients a much larger fleet and a more extensive service provider.

This merger will allow Sue and I to work together to strengthen the company as a whole. Sue will be managing reservations and customer service, allowing me to focus on worldwide corporate transportation off site.

We designed this merger with our clients in mind. To guarantee a smooth transition, phone numbers, account information, and a majority of the drivers are still the same. Clients will only experience major changes in the variety of vehicles in which to choose from. The merger introduces over 90 new vehicles, an on-site mechanic, on-site porters, ability to create online reservations, worldwide corporate ground transportation, and much more.

I sincerely hope you continue to choose us as your continued transportation provider- I think you will be thrilled with the service.

A Message from Sue Jarvis, President of Aristocat Transportation

Susan Jarvis, owner of Aristocat TransportationWe at Aristocat Transportation are thrilled to announce the merger between Aristocat and All Class Transportation. This merger means wonderful things for all of our clients, past and present. I am honored that Paul has chosen us for the merger.

Paul and I have been working tirelessly to make the transition as smooth as possible by integrating our account management systems, touching base with each client individually, creating special rates for past clients, and streamlining the reservation process for former All Class clients.

The merger means an expanded fleet of vehicles, including new party buses, new rates for many of our services, additional drivers, an expanded corporate worldwide transportation program, and a larger staff trained to suit your needs, while retaining customer satisfaction, account information, and contact details. We’ve taken every possible measure to make sure the changes are made on our side and not the client’s.

I am excited to be working with Paul and his clients from All Class Transportation and what the future brings!

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Posted on April 15th, 2011 in Aristocat Transportation.