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Business Travel to Detroit is Ramping Up!

Spring CrocusMetro Detroit Weather is in Full Spring Ahead! After our long, long winter, everyone in the Detroit area is starting to thaw for springtime. Flowers are blooming and the spring rains have been pouring down. Enjoying springtime also means an increase in industry, with more frequent business travel and a complete lack of concern about blizzards. When booking your business travel, make sure your corporate clients aren’t stuck in the mud by using an airport car service.

Neither Rain, Nor Wind, Nor Sleet… Spring is the beginning of beautiful weather in Detroit, but it’s just not quite consistent. April in Detroit is still known to get the occasional snowfall and see freezing temperatures at night. Using an airport car service will prevent the hassle of standing in muddy streets and getting splashed as taxis drive by, or risking inexperienced drivers on the ice.

Seasonal Opening Tour Guide

While maybe not an “official” tour guide, your Detroit car service driver knows the area and can take you from place to place. Take a tour of the city to take advantage of those attractions newly opened for the season. With a large selection of theater and museum exhibits just beginning, use your time between meetings to explore some local culture.

Old Reliable

Using a car service is more reliable than a taxi. Taxi’s don’t always answer the phone or stop in your area to flag. Airport shuttles will pick you up, but often add an extra hour to any commute and may stop at multiple locations along the way. City buses are time consuming, and make it impossible to conduct business during the ride. Airport car services can be scheduled to take you directly from Point A to Point B. Professional drivers will pick you up and coordinate with your flight schedule for reliable and efficient business travel.

Whether you’re flying in a CEO or taking a consulting trip to a new office, don’t get stuck in the rain on your way. Airport car services can help you avoid the weather, find entertainment, and provide reliable and efficient transportation throughout Detroit.

Posted on April 15th, 2018 in Airport Transfers, Business Travel.

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