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Business Trip Advantages to TSA PreCheck and Global Entry

TSA PreCheckNavigating business travel can be challenging, but there are definite ways you can make your life easier. Start with reliable ground transportation, download all the neat guides and apps, and then arrange for VIP treatment at customs and check-in. It might seem to take too much time to figure out the best way to streamline your trip, so follow this simple guide to understand the ins and outs of navigating your business trip with speed. Choose from VIP treatments like TSA PreCheck and Global Entry.

Understanding the VIP Benefits

Programs like TSA PreCheck and Global Entry are designed to speed you through check-in and dodge long security lines. The US Customs and Border Patrol offer multiple business advantage programs like this including FLUX, SES, NEXUS, FAST, SENTRY, STEP, and SmartGate. While most of these programs are offered for specific countries like the Netherlands and Australia, it may be worthwhile to check into these options if you do a large amount of international travel. Global Entry is designed to expedite your check in at Customs and can be used in conjunction with most other VIP programs. TSA Pre-Check helps you during the check in process by eliminating the need to remove shoes and laptops and walk through an expedited security line.

Global Entry

Global Entry is a program run by the US Customs and Border Protection. If your business trip takes you to international locations frequently, this program will get you quickly through Customs at selected airports by using automated kiosk check-ins. Intended for frequent low-risk travelers, there is no minimum number of trips to be eligible. Travelers must be pre-approved with a background check and interview. Current 2014 enrollment includes 45 different airports and a $100 fee to skip the lines.

TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck can be used in conjunction with Global Entry (existing Global Entry members are automatically eligible). The pre-check process is designed for registered frequent fliers who are invited by their airline. Flyers will proceed through security at designated shorter lines and without the hassle of removing shoes, belts, etc. As part of a selective risk-based screening

TSA hopes to streamline the flight process for low risk passengers and move away from a one-size-fits-all security process. Members must be legal US Residents, Canadian NEXUS members, or members of the US Armed Forces. PreCheck status is printed right on your boarding pass, although smaller airports may not have an expedited line available. Membership costs $85 and may be paid online.

Additional Speed Tips

In addition to these VIP programs there are several additional ways you can streamline the travel for your business trip.

  • Schedule Transportation – call ahead to schedule ground transportation to the airport and be sure to let them know your airline and departure time. Don’t depend on flagging a taxi or taking a bus that may run late.
  • Get Executive Guides – find guides to the area and your airport designed specifically for a business trip or business traveler, like this Executive Guide to Detroit Travel. Business guides will help find the specific things you need without having to wade through unwanted info about families and vacations.
  • Download the App – download an airport guide app to help you find flight information and the best restaurants once you have made it past security like GateGuru. Especially helpful for keeping track of gate changes while grabbing a bite.

Deciding the best program for your business trip and travel depends on your specific travel needs. International travelers will benefit greatly from Global Entry. Domestic only travelers probably wouldn’t want to waste the money on this program and would prefer TSA PreCheck. When traveling to lesser known cities, remember to grab the appropriate city and airport guides and to arrange for reliable ground transportation. Combine multiple practices to create a streamlined business trip and expedite the travel process in comfort.

Posted on April 1st, 2014 in Airport Transfers, Business Travel, Corporate Travel & Advice, Useful Tips.

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