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Chauffeur Knowledge

What it Takes to be a Chauffeur

Chauffeur KnowledgeThere is more than meets the eye to what chauffeurs do in preparation for your reservation. Not every chauffeured transportation company has the same requirements for their chauffeurs. This article goes over some common steps that Aristocat Chauffeured Transportation requires their chauffeurs to accomplish and knowledge they need to have.

Chauffeur Training

Every chauffeur is required to be properly licensed. There are two main licenses, which are the Chauffeur License and Commercial Driver License. Chauffeur License is required for the following:

  • Operating a motor vehicle as a carrier of passengers or as a common or contract carrier of property
  • Operating a bus or school bus
  • Operating a taxi or limousine

The Chauffeurs License is offered in standard and enhanced versions. The enhanced license allows drivers to go into Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean and re-enter the United States. A Commercial Driver License (CDL) is needed you operate a vehicle:

  • Designed to transport 16 or more people (including the driver)
  • Carrying hazardous materials in amounts requiring placarding

The CDL is needed for chauffeurs that drive larger SUV limousines, party buses, shuttles and motor coaches. This license is also offered in standard and enhanced version.

At Aristocat Transportation, we require our chauffeurs to have at least two years of experience before they can be considered for employment. Most transportation companies require their chauffeurs to have some background experience in chauffeured transportation. Many drivers get their start with taxi companies, driving a school bus or other city transportation vehicles. Once hired by the transportation company, chauffeurs usually go through a training process, which may involve:

  • Specific vehicle training
  • Going over vehicle checklists and basic maintenance
  • Shadowing other chauffeurs
  • Watching training videos
  • Learning about company specific policies and regulations
  • Driving evaluations by company staff members

After their training is complete, the chauffeurs are ready to get out on the road, but first they need to prepare your vehicle for success.

Vehicle and Chauffeur Preparation

Vehicles will be washed and have the interior and exterior cleaned before a reservation. The chauffeurs will also go through a checklist to double check that everything is in working order. Interior and exterior lights, heat/air conditioning and radios are checked to see if they are working properly. Chauffeurs arrive at the garage with enough time to perform their vehicle checklist and stock their vehicle before they need to depart.

The chauffeur will also research the address locations ahead of time as well as flight numbers. Keeping an eye of the flight numbers is very important, especially if a flight is delayed or coming in early, so that the chauffeur can arrive on time. Chauffeurs normally use a GPS to load the addresses for the run. A majority of chauffeurs are very familiar with main roads and highways in their areas, but will use the GPS when driving in residential areas or finding certain venues.

During the Reservation

During the run, your chauffeur is there to assist you and your group. If you are traveling to the airport, the chauffeur can carry your luggage. Also, if you are having a night on the town or other social event, your chauffeur is there to provide you and your friends with a safe ride. Your chauffeur is also your liaison between you and the transportation company. So if additional time needs to be charged or a route needs to be changed, the chauffeur can take care of that for you. The chauffeur also checks in with the company to note when passengers were picked up/dropped off.

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Posted on August 19th, 2014 in Aristocat Transportation, Useful Tips.

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