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Chauffeured Transportation Logistics

ChauffeurMaximizing Communication With Your Chauffeured Transportation Company

You would like everything to go smoothly for your event, including your chauffeured transportation, but sometimes not everything goes according to plan. A majority of the time the situation can be easily solved in a phone call to your chauffeured transportation company. This article will help you to become more aware about chauffeured transportation logistics and troubleshooting situations that may arise.

Emergency Phone Numbers

A reputable transportation company will provide you with all of their emergency contact information up front. Majority of companies have a phone number that is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in case you need to speak to someone. A 24 hour phone number helps chauffeured transportation clients feel secure knowing that there is always someone available to take their call.

This phone number can be used for a variety reasons. One reason could be that you need to place a reservation after the regular office hours. Another reason could be to notify the transportation company of a last minute change to your reservation. This could be a changed flight number, location address or change of times to be picked up or dropped off. Clients can also use this number if they have questions about their reservation or want to confirm their run. These on-call phones are usually a shared responsibility for company representatives after regular office hours. If you have to leave a voicemail the representative should be quick to respond to your call.

Contacting Your Chauffeur

Your chauffeured transportation company should provide you with your driver’s name and their cell phone number for your reservation. Scheduling drivers for runs does not usually happen until around 4pm the day before or hours ahead of time on the day of the reservation. If you have a favorite driver with the transportation company, you can request to have them as your driver. Keep mind that if you have transportation scheduled several days in a row that you may not have to same driver for the entire time. Although, transportation companies try to have the same the clients and the driver paired together each time.

You should contact your transportation company if there last minute changes that need to be discussed. For example if you need to get picked up in a different location or have been delayed, call your transportation company to notify them of the alternation. The company and driver should be responsive to what you need and prompt at returning your call. This also applies for if you are having trouble locating your driver. You should first try the driver’s cell phone number to coordinate with the driver then call the company if you need further assistance.

Locating Your Chauffeur at the Airport

For airport transfers the most common place for driver to pick up their clients is in the baggage claim area. Majority of airports have a designated lot for chauffeured transportation pickups and the driver then goes into the airport to wait in the baggage claim area. Normally, drivers cannot wait in the drop off area because of airport policies and regulations, but this may vary by airport. For airport drop offs, your driver can pull right up to the curb and help you with your luggage and get you on your way. All other non-airport locations usually have a direct pick up and drop off area near the entrance to the building. Remember that your chauffeured transportation company is there to make this an easy process. The company representatives are ready to help you solve any problems and answer any questions about your transportation reservation.

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