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Chauffuered Transportation Tip: Consider Your Vehicle’s Capacity

Limo Night OutFinding the Right Size Vehicle for Your Group

Every traveler, whether on business or having fun, wants to travel in style and comfort. It could be just one passenger on their way to the airport or 18 teenagers on their way to prom; everyone should be comfortable and safe. Here are a few considerations you should take before choosing your limousine:

Too much is better than not enough

If you are unsure of how many passengers you will be taking, always give your agent a range rather than a set number and assume two or three additional passengers, just in case of last minute changes. By giving a range, passengers will at least enjoy a certain amount of guaranteed comfort rather than having to squeeze a few more passengers into the bus last minute due to emergencies.

Do not overcrowd because of cost

For larger vehicles, it is tempting to squeeze in as many passengers in as little a space as possible to split costs. While this is an economically sound idea, it might not be the best idea. Unfortunately, some overcrowded party buses have resulted in death.

Consider the size of your passengers

Even though Aristocat’s website does list a range of passenger capacities for each vehicle, the size of each passenger is important to the comfort of the ride overall. Capacities given on the website and on the side of the car are based on individuals under 6’3” and under approximately 180 pounds, or those of “medium build.” Those who don’t fit this description may throw off the actual capacity of the vehicle.


Posted on March 2nd, 2011 in Corporate Travel & Advice, Useful Tips.

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