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Conference Planning – Location, Meeting Space and Transportation

Conference planning is a stressful and detail filled job. There are so many things to remember including speaker schedules and itineraries, budgets, tracking, schedules, locations, food, and more. With such an overwhelming set of tasks it can be difficult to know where to begin. Try starting your conference planning by choosing the right locations and meeting areas.

Here are some helpful tips.

Attendees must be able to attend.

Remember that your attendees must be able to actually get to your conference. If most people are coming from around town or regional areas, you will want to choose a location close the the highway for easy driving access. This can help your guests avoid traffic and prevent them from getting lost among the many downtown traffic puzzles. If you the majority of your guests are arriving by plane you should consider choosing a location with easy access to and from the airport. This will let everyone make the most of their time visiting Detroit, spending the time at your conference instead of wasted time in a commute.

Transportation matters.

Again, a conference can only be as successful as the people who are able to attend it. For guests arriving by car, make sure your location has ample parking available. If your space does not have free parking, consider adding parking passes or vouchers with your registration fee to facilitate travel. For guests arriving by plane or train, consider hiring a car service that can pick people up from the airport and return them without the normal hassle of taxis. This will prevent your guests from having to memorize addresses and directions while helping them avoid possible inclement seasonal weather.

Amenities can make all the difference.

Most conferences will involve more than a simple set of speakers and presentations. Make sure you have access to enough meeting and conference rooms of the right sizes to accommodate all your activities. Explore onsite and offsite catering options to help everyone feel comfortable. If you schedule incorporates breaks for lunch or rotating schedules for your guests, find a location with some diversions for their down time like the COBO Center on Detroit’s beautiful Riverfront with ample food and entertainment. Also explore the hotel amenities associated with your convention center, ensuring the comfort and enjoyment for all.

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Posted on September 2nd, 2014 in Business Travel, Corporate Travel & Advice, Useful Tips.

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