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Conference Vendor Booth Checklist

Conferences and trade shows can be major events for vendors and businesses. They are great opportunities to network and meet potential clients. Having a captivating table and information is very important in attracting people over to your booth. While you don’t want to go overboard, have the right amount of visual interest, handouts, freebies and prizes can help you to draw people in. Get some ideas from the tips below on how to best showcase your business at an upcoming conference or trade show.

Know Your Audience

The type of industry conference and trade show that you are attending can greatly influence the presentation of your company and materials. For example with different age audiences, for a younger, more tech-friendly crowd interactive information goes along ways, with scanning codes etc. Another example for specific industries would be if you are having a booth at an outdoor professional’s conference, rustic and eco-friendly elements would be good to use. Designing your materials to be appealing is key in getting your information across to the correct audience. If you are unsure about the demographics that will be attending research the conference’s website, social media pages and email or call the conference representative.

Budget Accordingly

Establishing a budget for your conferences and trade shows for the year is very important. Research what conferences and trade shows you would like to be involved in for the upcoming year and list out all applicable information. Here is some information you should consider when establishing your trade show budget:

  • Vendor booth fees
  • Conference fees beside trade show booth fee
  • Travel costs
  • Hotel costs
  • Food costs
  • Printing costs for hand out materials
  • Marketing collateral; pens, mugs, bags, etc.
  • Company materials; logo tablecloth, banners, etc.

Once you have determined the overall costs then you can look for ways to save and cut costs to stay within your budget.

  • See if the conference offers an early bird discount or any package deals
  • Book your flight and hotel room in advance to save on any last minute fees
  • For purchasing collateral items, check out discounts or free shipping options offered on certain amounts

Booth Décor

Once you are able to establish how much you have available for your booth décor then you are ready to look at your options. You should always have your table covered with something, whether it is the cloth provided by the trade show or a specialty cloth. You can order tablecloths or runners with your company’s logo. This makes your table look professional and neat, because it hides everything that is stashed underneath the table. You can also set up banners, easels, backdrops and more around your booth area. These items provide images and verbiage to convey what your company offers in a quick glance. You don’t want to over stimulate your audience with too much, so keep it clear and not cluttered. Ideally, your audience should be able to get a snapshot of your company but visiting your booth and looking at your décor.


Having a raffle or giveaway items helps to attract people over to your booth. This could include collateral items such as pens, bags, mugs, note pads and more. The raffle could be a discounted or free service. These raffles and giveaways draw people to your booth and are a chance to collect contact information. Have a sheet where they can put their contact information as well as what potential services they may need. You should always follow up after the show with a thank you email and quote if needed.


Posted on October 28th, 2013 in Corporate Travel & Advice, Useful Tips.

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