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Detroit Red Wings Game Plan

Detroit Red Wings, Joe Louis Arena

Photo by Anna Enriquez, used under CC-BY-2.0.

Hey, Hey Hockeytown

It’s that time of year again to take off the Tigers jerseys and to put on the Red Wings jerseys! The seasons may be changing, but the Detroit team spirit never does. First known as the Detroit Cougars and the Detroit Falcons soon after, the team officially became known as the Detroit Red Wings in 1932 and made many years of history since then.

Getting to the Game

One of the biggest challenges with going to see a hockey game at Joe Louis is the transportation and parking.  It doesn’t have to be complicated though! As always, it’s beneficial to leave the house early.  If you’re early enough, parking will be a breeze. In addition, you will sometimes be able to see the Wings warm up before the game.

It can also be wise carpool if you plan on meeting people at the game. Parking at most major sport venues can get very congested before and after a game. If enough people carpool, it can make a noticeable difference in the parking garages. Two places that people like to park are at the Joe Louis garage and the Cobo garage. Parking at Joe Louis will typically cost $15 and Cobo will cost $10. Many people will say that it’s much easier to park on the Cobo roof and walk to the arena. Another option would be to hire a chauffeured transportation company to solve all of your transportation needs! Aristocat Transportation can pick you up, get you to the game and back home in a safe and efficient manner. Aristocat has a variety of vehicles that can accommodate just a couple people or upwards of 30 people!

What do I bring?

You would be surprised how many people have never seen a live hockey game and do not know what to bring. Some items may be obvious and others may not be.

  • Jacket or sweater – Most ice rinks get cold, so you will want that jacket or sweater during the game.
  • Cash – Everyone loves to get a snack and a beer at the game. Most of the concession stands take credit/debit cards, but the walking vendors only accept cash.
  • Sharpie or Marker – You never know when you will run into your favorite player!
  • Respect – Friendly rivalry is part of the game, but be respectful!  It’s also considered impolite to move out of your seat during a play.

Pre and Post Game Hangouts

Some people like to grab a bite to eat before or after a Wings game. Here is a list of popular places to go after the game:

  • Hockeytown Café – Hockeytown Café has been a very popular choice since its opening in 1999. The café has an impressive menu with daily specials and a selection of over 50 beers. What makes the café so special? When exploring the three story café, you would think that it was a museum of Detroit Red Wings history!
  • Cobo Joe’s Sports Bar and Grill – Cobo Joe’s has been deemed as an unofficial “Detroit Landmark” for 25 years. Being only a five minute walk from Joe Louis, it is always a good place to stop in and check out before or after a Red Wings game.
  • Detroit Beer Company – Detroit Beer Co. opened in 2003 and quickly became a hot-spot for pre and post game hang outs. They are well known for their craft beers, but also make outstanding burgers.

Detroit is filled to the brim with unique bars, bistros and restaurants to satisfy every taste. Some of the bars even provide shuttles from their parking lot to the venue for a small fee! Don’t forget to represent the Red Wings by wearing some of their gear when heading to a game! You can always pick some up at the official store in Joe Louis as well. Let’s hope for a great season that hopefully involves an octopus named Stanley. Go Wings!

Posted on November 1st, 2013 in Michigan Events & Destinations.

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