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Guide for Party Bus and Limousine Transportation: What to Bring

Chauffeured Transportation Guidelines

LimousineWhen renting a party bus or limousine for an event, most clients get confused when trying to determine what is and what is not allowed inside the transportation company’s vehicles. Most questions can be answered in the rental agreement provided by the chauffeured transportation company. The questions may also be answered by calling the company or visiting their website. It is also important to let your group know what is allowed as well before your event, so that they can be prepared as well. Below is a list of items that are allowed and are not allowed on the vehicles here at Aristocat Transportation.

Things that ARE allowed in the vehicle:

  • Decorations; clients can decorate the vehicle for the occasion with decorations that are easily removable. Some of these decorations may be signs, streamers, balloons and other decoration materials.
  • Child car seats or booster seats. Majority of transportation companies do not provide car seats. Clients are more than welcome to bring a child car seat or booster seat for their children. Although the chauffeur is not responsible for fastening the child car seat to the interior of the vehicle or fastening the child into the seat.
  • Clients can bring CDs, iPods or mp3 players into the vehicle. Many vehicles have iPod or mp3 players hookup and usually all have CD players inside. The radio and CD players are located in the client area of the vehicle, so that they have control over what music is played during their ride.
  • Alcohol is allowed if all passengers of the ride are of legal drinking age. The chauffeur can check passenger’s driver’s licenses if they are suspected of being under the legal drinking age.
  • Light appetizers can be brought in to the vehicle. Light appetizers can be chips, party trays or other smaller snacks.

Things that are NOT allowed inside the vehicle:

  • Smoking is prohibited inside all Aristocat Transportation vehicles. This rule applies to all passengers and the chauffeur while inside the vehicle
  • The usage or possession of drugs will cause the run to end immediately.
  • Full meals are not allowed, only light appetizers.
  • Trips through any fast food drive-through in the vehicle are also not allowed.

Clean up fees

There is also excessive clean up fees that may be charged for large messes. The client is responsible for removing their trash and extra items from the vehicle.  This trash includes empty cans or bottle, decorations, napkins, containers, etc. These fees can go into effect if the vehicle is left a mess and if large spills or stains occur. If a passenger gets sick, a fee is charged per passenger per each time they get sick. Clients may also have to pay for any and all damages to the company vehicle. This may include cigarette burns, and other interior or exterior damages. If you have any other specific questions regarding what is allowed or not allowed in the vehicle it is best to contact the transportation company directly. Their overall goal is to have their passengers enjoy a fun and safe ride.

Find out more information

Contact an Aristocat Transportation representative today by giving us a phone call at (586) 574-0700  to get some of your questions answered about booking party buses or limousines for your event. Feel free to call and make an appointment to come see the vehicles are interested in at our office. We look forward to helping your reserve your event transportation.

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Posted on September 20th, 2012 in Special Events, Useful Tips.

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