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Most Traveler Friendly Locations – Tips on Cities and Transportation

Bora BoraWorld travel can be intimidating for new jet setters, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of traveler friendly cities, especially if you use these international travel tips to help you find the right destination. Discover some of the safest and friendliest places abroad, based on facts and popular votes compiled by US News and World Report Travel.

*Note: The United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada are always very friendly and welcoming. We applaud these countries, but are interested in venturing a little farther abroad for these international travel tips.

Bora Bora

A tiny island in the French Polynesian south Pacific, Bora Bora is best navigated by bicycle. Discover the luxurious resorts and stay in relaxing over the water bungalows. Spend time swimming, snorkeling, or exploring the small local towns. Residents speak French, and many also speak English.


More than just an Opera House, Sydney is a friendly and beautiful Australian city on the harbor. As the most populous city down under, this thriving metropolis is great for first timers with plentiful architectural and natural attractions. With year round beautiful weather, pack a picnic and enjoy some of the local brews.


A land of rolling green hills and steeped in popular folklore, Scotland  is known for famous characters such as William Wallace and Harry Potter. This is also a great location to visit in winter with it’s mildly cold weather. Hike around the picturesque countryside or explore the urban cultural delights of historic museum, tartan and bagpipes. The second most visited city in the UK, it is noted for being traveler friendly.


Always a popular tourist destination, this capital of the Czech Republish is known for it’s ease of getting around. You can easily take a bus or walk to most popular attractions like churches and castles that have been built over the past thousand years. Enjoy a traditional meal of pork, cabbage, and dumplings with a craft Pilsner; or take advantage of the areas reputation as a center for business and government.

When seeking travel friendly destinations, make sure to research your international travel tips online. There are many ways to find out safety facts or check tourist reviews like trip advice sites or local government pages. Pack up your bags and grab a ride to the airport!

Posted on September 16th, 2014 in Useful Tips, Vacations.

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