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Set Up Airport Transfers like a Transportation Guru

Airport TransfersBooking transportation can sometimes be a challenge, whether it is by car, train, bus, boat or plane, but it doesn’t have to be! All it takes is a few simple steps to organizing all of your information and properly communicating that to the transportation company. This article will help prepare you for making smooth and seamless transportation reservations for personal use or large corporate groups.

Airport Transportation Basics

Get Organized

Having all of the information gathered ahead of time is key, because the earlier you can get the information to the chauffeured transportation company, the more availability they might have. If you are putting together information for more than one person the easiest way to list it is in an excel spreadsheet. If you know the approximate number of clients and the dates, it is a good idea to give the transportation company a heads up and then email the details over. Here is some information that is needed before you book the reservations:

  • Dates and times of pickups of drop offs
  • Airport of arrival or departure
  • Potential pickup or drop off addresses
  • Flight number
  • Number of passengers and luggage
  • Client name and cell phone number
  • Billing information

After you have all of the information collected then you can email it over to the chauffeured transportation company. It is important to make sure that you receive a confirmation for each reservation. You can also discuss with the company the mode of transportation as well, for example can everyone ride in one shuttle bus, share an SUV or do they need to have individual sedans. Once everything is booked and changes need to be made, make sure to call and notify the company as soon as possible. If it is a couple of days out sending an email update should be okay, but if it is within 24 hours, make sure to call with the changes.

Arriving at the Airport

Once the client arrives at the airport there may be several scenarios for meeting the chauffeur. The chauffeured transportation company will give you the chauffeur’s name and cell phone number a day or two before the run. For individuals the chauffeur will meet the clients in baggage with a sign or wait curbside. Not every airport allows curbside pickups, which the company will notify you about.

With large corporate groups, it would be wise to consider having greeters to help organize everyone and make sure that they leave with the right chauffeur. The greeters can be in multiple terminals with client lists and help direct them to where they are supposed to go. The greeters can also communicate with chauffeurs and let them know when all of their clients are present so they can depart. Having greeters can create some extra peace of mind when coordinating with a large group.

Aristocat Transportation has 25 years of experience with airport transfers for personal and corporate use. We provide a variety luxury vehicles and professionally licensed and trained chauffeurs. Aristocat also offers nationwide and worldwide transportation, call us today or fill out a quote online to schedule your airport transportation.

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Posted on April 27th, 2018 in Airport Transfers, Business Travel, Corporate Travel & Advice, Useful Tips.

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