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Should You Book Your Chauffeured Transportation Early?

When to Reserve Your Transportation

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive as a chauffeured transportation company from potential clients is “how soon should I book?” Though there is no set number of days or weeks, the policy has always been the sooner the better. Here are a few things to keep in mind when booking your chauffeured transportation and how booking early can save you time and stress.

Quotes versus Booking

Receiving a quote from a sales representative and booking a reservation is not the same thing. When asking for vehicle pricing from limousine companies try to have a good amount of information available. Knowing certain information can help the sales representative give you the right pricing for your event. Even if you don’t know all about your special event yet, try to give as much information as you can. Here is some information that will be helpful when getting quotes:

  • Event date
  • Event type, for example airport transfers, weddings, birthday parties, etc.
  • How many passengers need transportation
  • Preferred vehicles
  • For airport transfers, the times and flight numbers for arrival and departures
  • How many hours you are interested in having transportation for

There is no need to book on the spot, especially if you need to discuss with the rest of your party or fiancé. Try not to think of it too long or the vehicle you are interested in could get booked by someone else on that day. At Aristocat Transportation, our sales representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with your transportation needs. When booking with your chauffeured transportation company, ask if they have a phone service like that available. Having on-call access to the company is reassuring to clients, knowing that if something has to change last minute that they can reach someone. Also, make sure to research the chauffeured transportation company before you call for a quote. Look at their customer reviews/feedback, website and social media pages to see if they are reputable.

Time it Perfectly

Especially in today’s economy, more and more ‘last minute’ bookings are beginning to appear. In many major events such as weddings, the transportation is the last thing people think about. However, depending on your season and date, too little may be too late. For example, wedding season in Michigan is from May until October and brides begin getting quotes at least 6-8 months in advance. Also, take note of if there are any events taking place on your event day. For instance, you don’t want to have a wedding in Detroit while a marathon is happening downtown or if your event is during prom or homecoming season. One of the best times to book a reservation is when you have finalized the number of people you are traveling with and where you are going. Details such as time and stops can be factored in later.

Booking close to the actual event will be time consuming on both ends. There will be a rush to find a vehicle, a driver, and a rush for deposits. For those who are looking for immediate transportation, you may be stuck in the paperwork process. Skipping out on the deposit process may cause problems in billing later on, so make sure your reservation is made timely enough to put down a proper deposit and get as much paperwork done as possible for both parties.

No matter when you book, however, early or late, be sure that you are amply prepared and have as many details finalized as possible. If you do anticipate that there might be changes to your reservation, make sure to notify your chauffeured transportation company as early as possible. Whenever you choose to book, be sure you know as much about your event as possible! It will save everyone time and headaches from the time of booking to the night of your event.


Posted on January 21st, 2013 in Corporate Travel & Advice, Useful Tips.

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