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Steps Chauffeured Transportation Companies Take to Ensure Your Safety

Transportation Company Vehicle Upkeep

Chauffeur Vehicle

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When you book a vehicle for your event, you expect to see the shining, beautiful vehicle that you saw on the website in perfect running condition. These vehicles are used throughout the week, so you might wonder; how do they stay in great condition? Reputable chauffeured transportation companies provide preventative maintenance for their vehicles and give them TLC to keep them looking and running good. This article will give you a behind the scenes look at the steps limo companies take to keep their vehicles prepped for success.

Chauffeur Vehicle Inspection

Before and after every run limo company chauffeurs, check over their vehicle with a vehicle safety check list. Vehicles are inspected on their interior and exterior on the check list. On the exterior inspection chauffeurs are looking at the general condition of the vehicle body and inflation of tires. Inside the vehicle here are a few things that the chauffeur’s check:

  • Overall interior cleanliness
  • Clean side pockets, cooler areas
  • All windows clean inside, out and functioning
  • Trunk area clean
  • Radio working
  • Rear vision mirror
  • Parking and service brake
  • Condition of seats
  • Horn
  • Windshield wipers
  • Air conditioning and heat working
  • Full gas tank
  • All lights working interior and exterior
  • Steering in working order
  • Pending vehicle; mood lights, rear air conditioning

The chauffeur also checks to ensure that the registration and insurance ID are in the vehicle. All limo company vehicles must be insured and provide proper documentation of licenses and up to date license plate stickers. Also, all transportation companies must undergo State inspections by a licensed and certified State mechanic. The chauffeur must also have their appropriate license available as well. The emergency equipment kit is also inventoried as well. If any of the above need attention, the vehicle will not be used. Usually, though the issues are addressed before the chauffeur even does their vehicle inspection by the fleet managers, so that the vehicle is ready to go for the run. The chauffeur inspections are to double check and ensure that everything is good to go for the run.

Chauffeured Transportation Company Maintenance

Company vehicles are routinely checked by company fleet managers. During these checks, the fleet managers look extensively at the interior and exterior condition of the vehicles. For example, if one of the leather seat has a small tear, it is immediately repaired. The fleet managers also look for any small paint chips that could have been caused by small rocks hitting the car on the road. Reputable chauffeured transportation companies continually check over their vehicles, so that they remain in great condition. Vehicles are also given routine oil changes and tire rotations as well. A transportation company usually houses a maintenance staff and porters on their lot to ensure vehicle maintenance. These staff members perform tune ups and other maintenance needs as well as washing and cleaning the vehicles. There is a thorough cleaning process that the porters use to clean the vehicles and ready them for their next run. Vehicles are cleaned after their runs and then are usually washed the day of or day before their scheduled run.

Vehicle Amenities

Depending on the transportation company, usually your vehicle is stocked with certain items before your run. Normally, bottled water, napkins, cups and ice are provided for the run. These items should always be refreshed and never used twice, even if there were leftovers. For special events, such as weddings, the transportation company may provide items like champagne, a just married sign or red carpet. The condition and cleaning of items, such as the red carpet and just married sign are taken care of by the company’s fleet managers.

Overall, reputable transportation companies strive to make your transportation reservation a quality and safe experience. This includes the professionalism of the staff and cleanliness, working condition of the vehicle.

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