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Tips on Keeping Prom Season Transportation Fun and Safe

Prom Limo Service

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Booking a prom limousine or party bus for your loved ones this prom season is a tough decision. While you may want to keep your family safe, you also need to make sure they will have a fun and memorable experience. In conjunction with the IPromise program, Aristocat Transportation has a few tips for a safe and exciting prom experience for you and your family.

Chauffeured Transportation Prom Policies

What Steps does Aristocat take to make sure my teens are safe?

Aristocat Transportation takes several measures to ensure the safety of your family:

  • Aristocat provides parents and guardians with the name and phone number of their driver
  • Chauffeurs reserve the right to bag inspections at any time for illegal materials
  • Chauffeurs reserve the right to confiscate any found illegal materials and contact authorities
  • Chauffeurs require passengers to store all bags and effects in the trunk while driving
  • Chauffeurs ban all outside drinks from entering the vehicle
  • Aristocat provides and requires proper paperwork to comply with IPromise Regulations
  • Aristocat Transportation’s vehicles are all fully-insured and legal

What can I do keep my teens safe?

  • Read any/all rental agreements carefully and go over the agreement with your teens
  • Warn your teens of fees and penalties for unruly conduct
  • Personally inspect the vehicle beforehand. Familiarize yourself with door handles, windows, switches, and other hazards. Aristocat Transportation provides full onsite tours at our facilities.
  • Choose the appropriate vehicle. Make sure everyone fits comfortably in the vehicle with no comfort issues. It is better to pay more to keep your family safe than to dangerously overcrowd a vehicle or bus.
  • Notify personnel of any health issues, allergies, or conditions any of the passengers my have. Make sure your child brings appropriate medication, inhalers, or any other necessary medical items with them in case of emergency
  • Come to a full agreement with your teens about vehicle routing. Chauffeurs will adhere only to what the itinerary states, not to what the passengers request. If your teens want to make an extra stop, make sure these stops are all included in the itinerary
  • Provide the driver with emergency numbers for each passenger, as needed
  • Pay for the whole vehicle before the night of the run. Do not allow your teens to carry the tip on their person
  • On prom night, stay by your mobile phone and keep in contact with the driver if needed. Drivers do not talk or text while driving.

Remember to have fun!

  • Depending on the vehicle, let your teens know they can bring their own music (CDs and/or Ipods)
  • Some vehicles include DVD players and TVs
  • All vehicles include state of the art sound systems
  • Dancing and standing is allowed on party buses


  • Drivers are to do their best to monitor your child’s safety, however it is not their job to discipline or “babysit” their passengers
  • Drivers are limited in their ability to see into the passenger area while driving
  • Drivers do not answer calls or texts while on the road
  • Despite any parental consent, alcohol and illegal substances are absolutely not allowed in the vehicles at any time
  • It is not the chauffeur’s job to clean up after their passengers. Excessive cleanup fees are subject for application in extreme events.
  • There is no need to bring drinks onto the vehicles, Aristocat provides ice, cups, napkins, and water in all vehicles

Aristocat Transportation cares about your safety and the safety of your loved ones. With the cooperation of passengers and parents alike, prom can be a happy and safe experience for everyone.

Posted on April 29th, 2013 in Special Events, Useful Tips.

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