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Wedding Chauffeured Transportation Questions

When researching chauffeured transportation vehicles for your wedding day; there may be many questions running through your mind. Before you start talking to companies, you should do a little research to make sure that they are reputable and provide quality services. You can find out what other customers think of their services by visiting their Facebook page, where you can notice positive and negative feedback trends. Once you have found a reputable chauffeured transportation company for your wedding; here are some key areas and questions to ask:

Number of Passengers

How many passengers can fit comfortably in certain vehicles?

Before you begin contacting transportation companies know how many passengers will be needing transportation. If all the passengers are adults note that you may want to go to the next size up vehicle to allow more room. For example, if you have 14 people in your bridal party an 18 passenger vehicle would be provide enough space.

Guest Shuttles

What is your hourly minimum for guest shuttling and what size shuttles are available?

If you are interested in shuttling your wedding guests, you will need to let the company know approximately how many of your guests will be using the shuttle. This number will help the company know what size shuttle and how many shuttles would be appropriate for your wedding day.

Vehicle Reservation

What paperwork do you need to reserve the vehicles requested?

Different companies require certain forms to reserve a vehicle for you event. Make sure to find out exactly what you need in order to hold your vehicle. Typical paperwork includes a credit card authorization form and a rental agreement.


Is the deposit per vehicle or for the total rental of the vehicles? Is the deposit non-refundable? What happens if I need to change vehicles?

A deposit payment is typically required to reserve your vehicle for the day you need it. You should contact specific companies to learn more about their deposit policies as it may vary by company.

Final Payment

When do you need to receive final payment? What forms of payment are acceptable?

Find out if you can pay the final payment the week of the event or give the driver money. Also, make sure to note what forms of payment are acceptable for the final payment.

Cancellation Policies

What are their cancellation policies? How far in advance do they need to know and will you be able to receive a refund?

Cancellation policies help to protect the company and the customer if changes need to be made to the reservation.

Overtime and Late Fees

When do overtime and late fees begin? Is there a grace period? How much is charged and how does it need to be paid?

Late fees can start piling up very fast if you are not careful managing your time and to ensure you have enough time by booking the proper time needed for your trip.

Excessive Mess Policies

What are their policies on excessive mess? What are you responsible for cleaning up? What are the charges?

The client is usually responsible for deposing of trash, cans and bottles. An excessive mess would include such things like items crushed into the carpet, stains and vomit cleanup.

Event Itinerary

What information do you need about the event?

Be ready with all addresses and times.

Do I need to provide other contact information?

The event itinerary lists all of location addresses, such as where you are getting pick up, ceremony and reception addresses as well as any stops where you might be taking pictures.

Food and Beverages

What is your policy on alcoholic beverages? What policies do you have about food in the vehicle?

You can usually view the policies on food and beverages in the company’s rental agreement  and any specific questions you can direct to your transportation company.

Share with us your questions about your wedding chauffeured transportation and we will answer them for you!

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Posted on October 11th, 2012 in Weddings.

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