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Top Winter Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Winter is a beautiful time of year to get married. The holidays are near and it is a great time to be together with close friends and family. Getting married during the holidays can also mean that more of your guests will have days off or paid time-off that needs to be used, which means more people may be able to attend.

While planning your winter wedding it is easy to get wrapped up in the holiday season, this article will help you avoid top winter wedding mistakes.

Mistake #1: Snowflake Invasion

Your winter wedding does not need to look like a shopping mall decorated for the holidays. It is okay to include seasonal decoration, but try to use them creatively and sparingly. Highlight and accent with seasonal decor and colors, such as adding a pop of color to your flowers, linens or bridesmaid dresses. Use rich colors like gold, purple or green in contrast to typical ice blue, red or white. Also, if you want to use decorations such as snowflakes or Christmas trees, add a modern twist by using them in non-stereotypical colors or use them in a way that gives a classic or vintage feel.

Mistake #2: Overlooking Pre-decorated Venues

Most venues and churches will annually decorate for the holidays. When meeting with venues/churches ask what they typically do for their holiday decorations. You will also want to find out if any of these decorations can be altered or taken down if needed. This will help you determine if you need to work with the decorations or if you can work around them. A venue or church that is already decorated can cut down on costs for decorations as well. Find out from your venue when holiday decorations will be put up, so you can scope it out. Having the area already decorated can give you a chance to focus on the personal details, such as escort cards, favors and centerpieces.

Mistake #3: No Blizzard Plan in Place

This is particularly important if you live in a snowy area or an area prone to lots of snow. Analyze the routes to your wedding venues and determine if they are highly susceptible to ice or often get closed after a snow storm. You may want to consider having a wedding hot-line (calling tree) in place or make sure that all of your guests are on your wedding website. This way you can update your guests if alternate driving directions are needed. You can offer a shuttle for your guests from their hotel to the venues. Make sure to dress warm and have your bridal party wear shawls, shrugs, or warm coats. Keep an umbrella on hand to prevent your hair from frizzing and dress from getting damp during the snowfall. If you are having your wedding in a warm weather area, make sure that guests, who are flying in from winter areas, have a place they can stay in case or hotel they can check into if they need to come early to beat an upcoming snow storm.

Mistake #4: Not Taking Winter Apparel into Account

For winter weather weddings, have a coat check or coat rack available for guests. This helps to clear up your reception area, so coats aren’t hanging off chair backs and that snow doesn’t get tracked throughout the venue. By providing this extra service, it really shows guests that you are appreciative. You can even have the coat check attendant hand out favors as guest collect their coats.

For your ensemble, think about having two pairs of shoes. Have a pair of gorgeous heels for the ceremony/reception and have a pair of fun winter boots for outside pictures. Capture beautiful winter pictures outside and make sure that both you and your new hubby are wearing winter snow boots (bridal party too) outside. You and your girls can also wear fur shrugs for a luxury winter look. You can even purchase the shrugs for your bridesmaids as their thank you gifts, this way everyone is matching for photos.

The holiday season is a beautiful time of year to get married, with all of the festive decorations and snow. Keep in mind that avoiding these mistakes, having a backup plan and taking care of your guests helps to make everyone happy during your wedding. Remember to take care of your bridal party as well and make sure that everyone is properly dressed.

What are your winter wedding worries?

Aristocat Transportation can help with your winter wedding transportation needs. We can offer shuttle transportation for your guests, so they don’t have to worry about driving in the snow. Aristocat also offers a variety of vehicles to keep you and your bridal party warm as you drive around to take pictures. Contact us today to reserve your winter wedding transportation!

Posted on November 27th, 2013 in Weddings.

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