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Use Chauffeured Transportation for Your Next Cross-State Meeting

Business TravelThere are several compelling reasons to hire a chauffeured transportation you to your next meeting that make good business sense.

One Less Thing To Worry About

Actually, there are several less things to worry about when you have your transportation handled by a car service. For one, leaving traffic worries and navigation concerns to a professional allows you to arrive at your meeting less flustered and stressed. A professional driver knows in advance what types of traffic to expect, how long a trip is going to take and the most effective route to get to the destination. In addition, when flying into Detroit Metro Airport, your driver is experienced to know the ins and outs of the entire metro area.

Also, professional chauffeurs now have technological advantages that were unavailable just a few years ago. For example, modern GPS units include traffic alerts, notifying us if there’s a tie-up somewhere along the route. These devices are also equipped to offer alternate routes and are important tools for our drivers. Standard taxis simply are not as well equipped and appointed as our vehicles.

Parking is another problem that can be avoided by leaving the driving to us. In many instances, the parking arrangements at office buildings and campuses are confusing, parking is often far away from the building where the meeting is taking place, and sometimes requires validation. Far worse is the parking situation in urban areas, where most offices do not offer parking, and drivers are pretty much on their own when it comes to finding (and paying for) a place to park. Hiring a driver will allow you to be dropped off right at the main entrance of the building.

Guaranteed On-Time Arrival

As mentioned above, when you drive yourself to an important meeting, you’re taking matters into your own hands as far as all of the logistics of getting to your destination. No one wants to arrive at their important meeting late and harried – this can easily happen if you don’t have the proper directions, run into traffic or simply don’t know where to park.

It Saves You Time

Think of all the working parts of transporting yourself to a meeting that take time: Mapping out the route to the meeting, making sure your car is ready, and then the actual drive time. Aristocat Chauffeured Transportation takes care of all of those matters for you.

Time To Prepare

Hiring a car service to transport you to your meeting will give you uninterrupted time to further prepare. This extra time gives you an advantage that others don’t have – the chance to do some pre-meeting prep right before you have to meet with and/or present to others.

A Ride Back

Finally, after a long, strenuous meeting, you have a comfortable, care-free, relaxing ride back to the airport, your home or office.

From your initial reservation to your final destination, the entire team at Aristocat Transportation will anticipate and serve your transportation needs in a seamless and professional manner. And, remember, our #1 Core Value is SAFETY. Call us for your next cross-town or cross-state meeting, and you will arrive calm, cool and collected.

Posted on April 9th, 2018 in Business Travel, Useful Tips.

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