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What’s the Big Deal About Opening Day?

There are few things as all-American as baseball. The Detroit Tigers carry on this tradition at Comerica Park every year. Widely considered to be a sport for all ages and incomes, there are many games every year, so what is so special about Opening Day? Aristocat Chauffeured Transportation has gathered the best “need to know” facts and interesting info for you.

Become a Part of Tiger History

The Tigers have been playing baseball in Detroit for over a century. Opening Day is not just any day, but a tradition. With Hall of Famer Ty Cobb stealing the show of the most famous Tiger of all, Detroit has a rich and lengthy history of the game. Here’s a quick timeline of Tigers History.

  • 1901 – Tigers take the field for the first time against Milwaukee. The game was won by a last minute comeback and a hit from Frank “Pop” Dillon 14-13.
  • 1905 – Tyrus Raymond Cobb first appears in uniform. Fun fact, when Ty Cobb’s uniform was retired, it just says Cobb as player numbers weren’t even used yet in his time.
  • 1912 – The Tigers moved to a new stadium, but a one game player strike interrupted the process after Cobb was suspended for punching a fan in New York.
  • 1924 – Cobb became manager and Hall of Famer Charlie Gheringer first appeared in uniform.
  • 1935 – Detroit wins the World Series in a 6 game victory over the Chicago Cubs.
  • 1945 – Tigers win their second World Series over the Cubs with HOF player “Prince Hal” Newhouser.
  • 1968 – Tigers capture the World Series again in 3 wins pitched by famous pitcher Mickey Lolich.
  • 1984 – Detroit wins a fourth World Series in front of a record 2,704,794 fans.

In the years since, the Detroit Tigers have had their ups and downs. The current team is poised for success with players like top hitter Miguel Cabrera and Max Scherzer pitching. Newcomer Ian Kinsler and rookie Nick Castellanos are also ones to watch.

Comerica Park

The Tigers have moved up since their first stadium in 1901 and now play at the luxurious Comerica Park. More than just a baseball field, the park has multiple additional attractions. Ride the 50 foot Fly Ball Ferris Wheel located near third base. Discover the liquid fireworks of the of the centerfield wall or walk through the 13 foot tall stainless steel sculptures. Grab a cold one at one of the beer halls or upper deck bar unless you would rather experience the VIP experience at the Tiger Club. Complete the VIP treatment with a ride home provided by Aristocat Chauffered Transportation. Additionally there is a large selection of food and retail vendors throughout the stadium.

Things to Know for Opening Day

Since opening day is not just any day of the year, there are things you need to know to make the most of the experience. Season ticket holders get first choices, followed by drawn numbers for single game tickets. Unsold tickets are traditionally available on site when the game does not sell out. While tickets may be available through StubHub and other sources, it is important to verify that you are purchasing a legitimate ticket as counterfeits have occasionally been sold. Tickets may go up or down in price depending on demand.

The first 20,00 fans to attend the opening game against the Kansas City Royals will get free Rally Towels. Opening Day is presented by Ballpark and Meijer. The game begins at 1:08pm. Broadcast available on Fox Sports Detroit.

Since attendance is expected to be high, transportation and parking can become an issue. Car pooling or taking alternative transit is highly recommended, like commuting by bus or a chauffeured car service. An advantage of chauffeured car services over traditional taxi service is the easy ability to schedule both drop off and pick up. Avoid parking near the stadium as spots will be hard to find and prices will be extremely high.

If you don’t feel up to going to the game in person, explore some of the many great sports bars around Detroit. Find some great game day food and drink specials and hop locations between inning breaks. Remember to use a car service or find an additional designated driver and drink responsibly.

Whatever your game day preference, Opening Day is a very big deal! Discover the rich history of the Detroit Tigers and the great amenities at Comerica Park. Get home safely in a limousine and enjoy the game!

Posted on March 25th, 2014 in Michigan Events & Destinations, Special Events.

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