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Affiliate Policies

  1. Vehicle Requirements
    • Affiliate vehicles must have appropriate licensing to be on the road.
    • Affiliate vehicles must be current model, in working order, properly maintained and inspected.  Specific vehicle requests must be honored without substitution unless prior authorization is given.
    • As insurance policies change or expire, renewed insurance certificates are required to be provided to Aristocat, with Aristocat Transportation named as an Additional Insured
  2. Chauffeur Requirements
    • Chauffeurs must have a minimum of 6 months commercial driving experience.
    • All chauffeurs must speak English clearly.
    • Chauffeurs must be clean shaven, dressed in a black suit with and tie, white shirt, black shoes. No baselball caps, leather coats, or duck boots.  Chauffuers must maintain a professional appearance at all times.
  3. Service Standards – Chauffeurs Shall
    • Use the Aristocat sign received from our Dispatcher for all pickups in a public place.
    • Act as a Representative of Aristocat Chauffeured Transportation and only ever give out Aristocat business cards, brochures, etc. If asked by the passenger all chauffeurs must state they are working for Aristocat Transportation.
    • Arrive 15 minutes early for all pickups.
    • Upon arrival, text passengers their name and contact information to ensure a smooth on time pick up.
    • Assist with any and all luggage and open and hold all doors.
    • All routes should be pre-planned and GPS/maps should be ready prior to all pickups / drop offs.
    • Be equipped with a hands-free cellular phone with data/internet access and reachable by Aristocat dispatchers at all times.
    • Communicate directly with Aristocat dispatch to request authorization for any additional stops or changes of itinerary.
    • Notify Aristocrats’ Dispatcher immediately:
      • If running late;
      • When passenger enters vehicle; and
      • If unable to locate passenger within:
        • 10 minutes of scheduled pickup time for Non-Airport pickups
        • 15 minutes of scheduled pickup time for Domestic Airport Arrivals
        • 30 minutes of scheduled pickup time for International Airport Arrivals
    • Only engage in casual conversation and shall NOT solicit business from our clients.
    • Respect client’s privacy and keep all conversations confidential.
    • Please Never:
      • Ask a client for a gratuity or request payment.
      • Stop for gas or any other reason unless requested by client.
      • Smoke in the car or transfer the smell of smoke into the car before pickup.
      • Take personal calls while any client is in the vehicle.
      • Argue or disagree with the client.
      • Discuss rates with the client – always refer them directly to Aristocat.
    • Please ALWAYS communicate ANY service problem to Aristocat immediately.
    • For FBO – Private Aviation pickups — check in at front desk with passenger name and tail number
  4. Reservations
    • Affiliate must NEVER farm-out Aristocat reservations without written permission.
    • Please include your reservation number and all reservation/itinerary information.
    • Contact Aristocat immediately by telephone if you cannot accommodate our reservation request.
    • No-shows will ONLY be granted when a call is made to and a release is granted by Aristocat’s Dispatcher.
  5. Payment / Billing
    • Affiliates will honor a 2 hour cancellation policy with no charge to Aristocat.
    • DO NOT issue receipts to our clients.
    • All invoices are required to be detailed, listing base rate, gratuity, parking, tolls, etc.., separately.
    • Affiliates are asked to send final charges no later than 1 full business day after trip completion. All clients are billed within 36 hours of trips completion.  Additional charges will not be approved after that time.

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